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Your great starting point to a promising career

Teaching English in China can be your great starting point to a promising career. That’s why YiBo has so much to offer you. If you are a native English speaker with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, we can work with you and place you in a professional and fun environment in Beijing, China. Learning Chinese and developing an understanding of Chinese culture are high on a lot of peoples’ lists. An ever expanding and evolving business environment in China means so much to the West’s and to the World’s futures, therefore getting experience in China directly helps you. Working together with YiBo is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door and start grabbing those fresh opportunities.

Fresh Opportunities

Are you a newly graduated professional with an education degree? If so, now is a great time to teach abroad to get your education career started. With teaching jobs being so competitive to grab at the moment, now is the time for you to get some international travel experience AND get ahead in your teaching career by getting much needed in-class experience. YiBo has a wide range of ways to work with you to further your teaching career.

Any Risk?

What are the risks of coming abroad to teach with YiBo? There aren’t any. With great benefits and minimal personal investment involved, all you have to do is get on a plane and represent yourself well after you arrive. What does minimal personal investment mean? It means just that: minimal.

All you need is enough savings to buy your plane ticket, your first-entry temp visa, and enough spending money to hold you over until your first teaching paycheck arrives. Once offered a contract by our HR Department, YiBo guarantees a teaching placement and helps you make a smooth transition into China. YiBo provides teachers with airport pick-up, housing right off the bat, training, school placement, Chinese lessons, and lots of personal assistance. If you can work hard and be a great ambassador for your country in China, YiBo will take care of all the rest.



  • A valid Passport from an English speaking country: Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America
  • BA/BS Degree or higher (no degree accepted for some positions).
  • No Criminal History (Speeding tickets exempted).
  • Provide a Criminal Background Check
  • Flexible and Outgoing attitude.
  • Between the age of 18-40 and in good health.
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For Schools

The Premiere Company for School Services and Support!

An Introduction to YiBO

Created in 2006 to address the need for native English speakers in China, YiBo is a professional hiring firm focusing on the needs of both ESL Programs and international schools located in Beijing, China. We believe that our support services are invaluable to the smooth operation of schools. As a result of this philosophy, we offer the following services to schools in Beijing:

Teacher Management Outsource Package
The management outsource package includes recruitment, visa process, management, payroll etc.
We are specialized in bringing:

  1. K-12 ,university teachers
  2. English Teaching/Non-ESL Subject teachers (such as Science, Economics, Math, and much more)
  3. Teaching/Education Management talents

Visa Services

Finding and keeping excellent, qualified teachers can be tough, and meeting their needs in a foreign country can be even tougher. On top of all this, schools are faced with the additional challenge of maintaining foreign teachers' legal eligibility to work in China—including Visas, invitation letters, and medical examinations. We have significant experience with Visa processing for foreigners residing and working in China.
We handle the Visas and remove the burden from schools so you can handle the educating!

Substitute Services

YiBo handles the 'grunt work' of maintaining legal, qualified substitutes for your school.
Substitutes are interviewed by both Chinese nationals and native English speakers to determine eligibility to substitute in schools.

Depending on your need, We will hire and maintain a substitute pool or contact list of qualified professionals who are available to substitute in your school.